Spring 2020 SOL Schedule

Testing Requirement Updates as of April 28, 2020

Due to COVID-19 school closures, the administration of SOL tests has been suspended for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.  The VDOE has therefore determined that any underclass student (grades 9-11) who is currently enrolled in an SOL-based course will receive an emergency locally-awarded verified credit upon passing the course. Any senior currently enrolled in an SOL-based course will receive a waiver for the verified credit requirement upon passing the course. Students will NOT be required to take SOL tests during a future year for courses passed this school year; the verified credit(s) will be granted/waived upon passing the course. For more details, please visit the VDOE website.


Senior SOL Exams 

Monday, 5/4 Science Regular Bell Schedule
Tuesday, 5/5 Math Regular Bell Schedule
Wednesday, 5/6 History Regular Bell Schedule
Thursday, 5/7 English Reading Regular Bell Schedule

9th, 10th, 11th SOL Exams

Thursday, 5/14

Chemistry/Earth Science

Algebra 1

Exam Period 2  8:10-10:40

Exam Period 4  10:50-2:55

Friday, 5/15

World History 2/US History


Exam Period 1  8:10-10:40

Exam Period 7  10:50-2:55

Monday, 5/18


Algebra 2

Exam Period 8  8:10-10:40

Exam Period 6  10:50-2:55

Tuesday, 5/19

World History 1

English Reading

Exam Period 7  8:10-10:40

Exam Period 5  10:50-2:55