Science Department Staff

Administrator for Science Department: Cynthia Hawkins

Department chair for Science Department: Rebecca Wills

Rising Freshmen Science Course Offerings

Current Students Science Course Offerings

  • Our goal is for students to learn and love science by building science literacy. Scientific literacy is the broad understanding of a range of fundamental science and technology concepts from which allow you are able draw conclusions about the issue as it affects your life. Being scientifically literate allows you to understand the information you are presented with on a daily basis, appreciate the science in your everyday life and gain an appreciation for the outstanding contributions of scientists across the globe to our knowledge of the universe.
  • Our science courses provide a variety of ways for students to learn content, problem-solving and analytical thinking skills necessary to become scientifically literate individuals. Reading with a critical eye to understand the point of view and bias of the author can help students to sort through the daily influx of new information as fact or fiction.
  • Our teachers foster atmospheres in which students practice and develop strategies for analysis and critical thinking through reading and writing. 
  • Chantilly High School has celebrated more than 25 years with our business partner Northrop-Grumman! One way that the employees of Northrop Grumman support Chantilly is by providing Science Fair judges who were prominent in the crowd with their bright blue T-shirts! The company also funds grants supporting science, technology and mathematics (STEM) endeavors, provides mentors for Girls Exploring Engineering (GE2 ), provide engaging keynote speakers for large events, and participants for the Chantilly Engineering Expo each year. We appreciate all that they do for us and look forward to 25 more years! Learn more about the partnership through the FCPS Apple 21 Insight interview with Bob Waters of Northrop Grumman and Karen Molloy from Chantilly High School.