Leadership and SGA

Learn about our Student Government Association

Mission Statement

  • Members include all class board members, club representatives, members of the Leadership Class and sixth period representatives. Elected officers are voted upon by their peers each spring for the following school year. This process is open to all students who choose to go through the application and petition process. Club Representative are selected at the beginning of each year and attend the Sixth Period Representative meetings. Members of the Leadership Class include student grades 10 to 12 who have applied to take the class in the spring for the following year. Each student must complete an application, obtain teacher recommendations and complete a panel interview. Those who are accepted into the leadership class are members of the SGA.

Goal Statement

  • The Student Government Association’s goal is to create a positive school environment for students, staff, and the community through promoting relationships, events, and services available to students at Chantilly High School.

Finance Statement

  • Any funds raised by SGA and Leadership Events will go towards conferences, contests, field trips, program advertisement, and student, staff, and community appreciation benefitting school settings.

Faculty Sponsors

Supervising Administrators

Executive Board Members

  • Derek Budd
  • Camille Duong
  • Meredith Gramstad
  • Jodi King
  • Janine Palmer
  • Kelly Peters

Student Advisory Council Representatives

  • Alayna Lee
  • Camille McClain
  • Casey Kim
  • Annie Wang
  • Rachel Daddoo (alternative)

National Association Gold Councils of Excellence

national gold council of excellence seal