Leadership and SGA

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Mission Statement

  • The Leadership Student Development Program is a course that provides an introduction of a broad range of concepts, theories, and practices important for a basic understanding of Leadership. Leadership is a course that provides student leaders the opportunity to increase their understanding of and ability to apply contemporary Leadership knowledge in personal and community service situations. The ultimate goal of this course is to empower students with the ability to achieve their ultimate leadership potential while making the Chantilly High School community, as a whole, a better place to learn, work, live, and enjoy life.
    • Leadership 1 - Learning personal leadership style in relation to yourself and others.
    • Leadership 2 – Applying personal leadership style in class and out of class.
    • Leadership 3 – Applying personal leadership to the broader community.
    • Leadership 4- Applying Leadership through Collaborative Management of Peers

We consider our class a team environment. Therefore, we ALL have to contribute our part to make this a valuable learning experience for all involved. Our responsibility is to present material in a clear and exciting manner – to make Leadership “come to life.” The student’s job is to participate in class actively & always be prepared to lead.

Goal Statement

  • The Student Government Association’s goal is to create a positive school environment for students, staff, and the community through promoting relationships, events, and services available to students at Chantilly High School.

Finance Statement

  • Any funds raised by SGA and Leadership Events will go towards conferences, contests, field trips, program advertisement, and student, staff, and community appreciation benefitting school settings.

Faculty Sponsors

Supervising Administrators

Executive Board Members

  • Ava Bartnik
  • Kianna Cross
  • JoJo Ellis
  • Jenna Haug
  • Arjun Rajan
  • Katherine Richer
  • Miranda Schuman
  • Katie Webster

Student Advisory Council Representatives

  • Aaron Lim
  • Lindsey Lim
  • Haerin So
  • Cindy Wu
  • Alternates: Jessica Yang and Alison Lim

National Association Gold Councils of Excellence

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