Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education Staff

Administrator for Health & PE: Corey Bowerman

Department chair for Health & PE: Carmen Wise

Rising Freshmen Health & PE Course Offerings

Current Students Health & PE Course Offerings

  • Physical education promotes the mental, physical and social growth of the student through a wide variety of activities. These activities are designed to develop competency in motor skills and efficiency of movement. 

  • You must complete 4 years of PE starting from middle school. These learning experiences are planned to insure a progression of skills directed toward the enjoyment of leisure time activities with an awareness of lifetime personal wellness. The physical education program is designed to provide students with skills basic to involvement to team and individual activities which contribute to the development of personal and social behavior, self-expression, courage, perseverance, and self-respect.

  • As for health, you learn about all of the drugs and alcohol that are being used in the world today. You learn that most drugs are bad for you. Health is a 1 quarter class, filled with quizzes and tests that will help you keep on your feet.