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  Student Services offers a variety of programs and resources for both students and parents to assist in career and college planning.  Students are encouraged to engage in activities and classes that support their exploration of potential career options.     Career and college advising should begin with the student’s counselor.  The Career Center Specialist is available to offer additional support and information as needed.    All FCPS students are provided with a Naviance account through Blackboard/FCPS 24-7 that can be used to research college options. Students can enter personalized information on their post-secondary plans, career options and create a list of colleges in which they are interested. Naviance also maintains records of past college application results for Chantilly students, allowing current students to get an idea of the types of grades and test scores needed for admission. 

How Students Access Family Connection:

Log onto your Blackboard/FCPS 24-7 Account at Click on “Naviance” Icon (typically on left-side of screen) Start Planning   Parents also have access to Naviance once they register for SIS and Blackboard Parent Account.      

Fairfax County Public Schools offers a comprehensive list of career and college planning for students and parents.

Chantilly High School offers the College Partnership Program (CPP) to allow students the opportunity to have additional support to ensure their success in high school and planning for college.  Members meet monthly and discuss a variety of topics, such as goal setting, career planning, paying for college, etc.

Explore Career & Technical Education (CTE) opportunities.

The information below will help you search for colleges based on your specific needs and interests, as well as program offerings and financial aid.


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