Student Services Staff

Director of Student Services

Robyn Lady

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School Counselors

Students should use the email addresses listed below for college and scholarship applications.

Student's Last Name | Subschool Counselor Contact Information
A - Bli    | Subschool 1

Michelle Pringlemepringle@fcps.edu703.222.8112

Blo-Cro    | Subschool 1

Deborah Wolindfwolin@fcps.edu703.222.8113

Cru-Foz    | Subschool 2

JonPaul (JP) Sousajsousa@fcps.edu703.222.8114

Fra-H | Subschool 2

Megan Sullivanmlsullivan1@fcps.edu703.222.8115

I-Lea  | Subschool 2

Bobby Cardozortcardozo@fcps.edu703.222.8122

Leb-Mi | Subschool 2

Shara Carterslcarter1@fcps.edu703.222.8123

Mo-Pere | Subschool 3

Sarah Fronckelskfronckel@fcps.edu703.222.8133

Peri-Sam | Subschool 3

Becky Clontsrafunkclonts@fcps.edu703.222.8132

San-Th   | Subschool 4

Rebecca Watrudbjwatrud@fcps.edu703.222.8142

Ti - Z       | Subschool 4

Alice Robertson alrobertson@fcps.edu703.222.8143

All Subschool 5 Students

Debbie Padgettdapadgett@fcps.edu703.222.7407


Support and Special Resource Staff

School Registrar

Denise Rodgersderodgers@fcps.edu703.222.8150

College and Career Center Specialist

Iris Riveraimmalavecomp@fcps.edu703.222.8154

Transcript Assistant 

Andrea Acostaaiacosta@fcps.edu703.222.8152


Deb Marciellodmmarciello@fcps.edu703.653.1001

Social Worker

Dana Condemidgcondemi@fcps.edu703.222.8141


Kristina Crawfordkscrawford@fcps.edu703.222.8116

Assessment Coach

Caitlin Frankscefranks@fcps.edu703.222.8174