About Us

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Vision Statement

  • Chantilly High School students are educated, actively engaged and compassionate citizens.

Mission Statement

The Chantilly High School Community...

  • Creates a welcoming and safe environment for all Chargers
  • Builds meaningful relationships
  • Fosters responsibility and accountability
  • Teaches critical thinking and application skills
  • Connects learning through analysis and application

Our Beliefs

  • We, the Chantilly High School community, dedicate ourselves to leading students toward an understanding of their world and its cultural heritage so that they might better understand themselves and others. We commit ourselves to care about the concerns and growth of each individual.
  • We believe that our foremost responsibility is to create humane attitudes among students, staff, and parents based on trust and sensitivity. The staff, therefore, commits itself to cultivating self-respect and self-esteem in all members of the school community. With self-respect and self-esteem come respect for others and concern for the needs of others.
  • In order to become independent, contributing members of the larger human community, each student must sharpen his/her ability to think and judge critically, to act and to accept the consequences of his/her actions. We recognize our responsibility to educate each student to his/her fullest potential to assume the duties of living in a free, democratic and complex society.
  • The Chantilly High School Community, therefore, is committed to a comprehensive program that stimulates academic excellence in the arts and sciences as well as in business, vocational, and extracurricular pursuits. We are committed to providing a program that encourages students not only during their high school years, but also prepare them for their later roles in a technological and demanding society.
  • The Chantilly High School Community, firmly believe that this school exists for the benefit of the students it serves.

FCPS School Profile

Chantilly HS is part of Region 5

Fairfax County Public Schools