CHS Innovation Lab

Chantilly's Innovation Lab, which has a direct link to the five attributes of Portrait of a Graduate, is in a corner of the school library.  It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, whiteboard walls on which students can take notes and share ideas, and multiple stations for students to use, explore, and experiment individually or collaboratively.

The Innovation Lab has a specialist on hand to provide support and guidance to students upon request.  Students are free to stop by the lab before or after school; some classes will be visiting the lab as a group.  We have electronic scheduling, enabling students to sign up for stations, which is displayed on a monitor outside the lab door. Videos have been created, accessible via QR codes, to help students get started. The goal is to have students support each other in the lab, collaborating and learning from each other as they work at one of the available stations:  take-apart technology, audiovisual studio, VEX robotics, Arduino, 3-D print and scan, and game design.