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Administrator for CTE: Scott Settar

Department chair for CTE: Jenni Piotrowski

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Business & Information Program Overview

  • Business is an elective program and both technical and non-technical offerings are available. The courses prepare students for future employment and further education in a variety of business careers.
  • Students may take certification exams along with business courses and earn up to two student-selected verified credits to help meet the SOL graduation requirements.
  •  The Business Department is dedicated to providing our next generation with work ready skills in a three-prong approach:
    •  A variety of technical and non-technical classroom skills
    • A professional student organization (FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America) for both competitive challenges and leadership opportunities.
    • Relevant on-the-job work experiences (before or after school hours) in local businesses through our Business Internship Program.

Family and Consumer Science Program Overview

  • Students may take a variety of courses designed to focus on life-management skills as well as skills needed for their roles as future parents.

Marketing Program Overview

  • The marketing program includes specialized instruction in the marketing areas of communication, selling, promotion, pricing, economics, management, finance, and business ownership.  All courses incorporate relative “real-life” projects related to the respective marketing genre as well as follow current trends within each industry.
  • DECA, An Association of Marketing Students, is a club that students can participate in while being enrolled in a marketing course.  By being a member, students have opportunities to attend field trips, compete at the district, state, and international levels, apply for scholarships, and attend meetings or social events.
  • Students may elect to earn additional credit and wages through participation in supervised on-the-job training related to their classroom instruction as part of the Cooperative Internship Program.  Jobs must be related to customer service and immediate employment opportunities are available in this broad career field. Students must work a minimum of 11 hours per week for a total of 396 hours over the school year to earn one additional credit to his/her marketing course.
  • By enrolling in a marketing course, students complete their Career and Technical Education credit for graduation and should a student enroll in a second marketing course the sequential elective graduation requirement is met.  Students may also join the Marketing Honor Society and obtain certification in customer service and selling through the National Retail Federation when in Advanced Level courses.  Students may receive college credit at the Northern Virginia Community College upon successful completion of the Entrepreneurship marketing course.

Technology Education Info

  • Technology Education is an elective program offered at all high schools. Technology Education programs in Fairfax County Public Schools include a selection of fifteen courses, which cover a variety of technical subject areas. All technology courses involve the integration of math, science, technology, technical presentation, and language skills.
  • Courses are designed to provide students with the needed technical knowledge and dexterity skills to prepare for college-level studies in engineering, science and computer-related majors, or to pursue technical career fields in industry or the government. Industrial technology programs reinforce student learning in critical thinking, problem-solving, design, and group dynamic skills. All programs have aligned course content to SOL in math, science, and English.