Lizzie Kye

How has technology affected the world? In several pieces I explored how technology has affected the lives of animals and humans alike. Humans usually live their lives with the idea of progress in mind, without regard to the after effects of their unsustainable lifestyles.

I explored possible environmental consequences and problems linked to human habits. I highlighted the significance of these issues through the incorporation of various animals corresponding with an environmental consequence. This led me to further inquire how the desire for our species to prosper has led to technological advancements that have greatly changed our lives for both the better and the worst. Technology has opened new doors for exploration, but has restricted aspects of people’s daily life. I used cogs and gears as a consistent representation of technology, and used their placement to convey how we should be cautious about our use of technology, because it has its benefits but also its disadvantages. 

I will be attending Pratt Institute in Fall 2021 for Communications Design (Graphic Design).