Chantilly Curriculum Fair

January 2023

Welcome Chantilly High School Students and Parents and Guardians

This page will help students and parents understand more about the course offerings at Chantilly.  Please explore this page before attending the Curriculum Night for Parents on January 4 from 6 pm- 8 pm.  Students will attend their own Curriculum Fair on January 10, 2023 during Charger Connect.  The page will be accessible throughout academic advising which concludes on March 1.  

Business and Info Tech

Chantilly Academy

Computer Science


General Electives (AVID, Capstone, EPF)

9th gr 10th-12th gr
AP Capstone Seminar AP Capstone Seminar
AVID 9 AP Capstone Reseach
Leadership 1 AVID 10-12
Strategies for Success Econ/Personal Finance(EPF)
  Leadership 1-4
  Peer Helping
  Strategies for Success 



Marketing Education

9th gr 10th-12 gr
Intro to Marketing Intro to Marketing
  Marketing 1
  Sports/Entertainment Marketing/Mngt
  Entrepreneurship 1/DE
  Entrepreneurship 2/DE


Performing Arts- Music

9th gr 10th-12th gr
Band/Advanced Band Band/Advanced Band
Orchestra Orchestra
Chorus Chorus
Chantilly Showstoppers Percussion Ensemble
Guitar 1 Guitar 1/2
Piano Lab 1 Piano Lab 1/2
  Jazz Ensemble


Performing Arts/Theatre

Theatre Arts 1-4 & Theatre Arts DE
Intro to Musical Theatre
Tech Theatre 1-4
Theatre Design and Production 1-3




Social Studies

9th gr 10th-12th gr
WH 1/Civ AP World Civ
Sports Psychology WH 2/WH 2 H(World History 2)
Combating Intolerance WH 2 DE(World History Dual Enrollment)
Women's History AP US History
African American History USVA  History DE
  AP Gov
  AP Comp Gov 
  AP African American History
  AP Euro
  AP Human Geography
  AP Economics 
  AP Psychology
  Combating Intolerance/Current Affairs
  Law in Action
  Political Science with Internship
  Women's History 
  World Religions
  Sports Psychology


Tech and Engineering Ed

Visual Arts

9th gr 10th-12th gr
Studio Art 1 Studio Art 1-4
3D Studio Art 1 3D Studio Art 1-4
Digital Art 1 Digital Art 1-4
Photo 1 Photo 1-4 
  AP Drawing
  AP Art 2D/3D
  AP Art History


World Languages

Spanish 1 &  2 
Spanish 3
Spanish 4/Spanish 4 DE
AP Spanish
French 1-4  & French 4 DE
AP French
Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Latin 4, & Latin 4 DE
AP Latin Vergil
Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1-3