Chantilly Curriculum Fair

January 2024

Welcome Chantilly High School Students and Parents and Guardians

This page will help students and parents understand more about the course offerings at Chantilly.  Please explore this page before attending the Curriculum Night for Parents on January 4 from 6 pm- 8 pm.  Students will attend their own Curriculum Fair on January 10, 2024.  All schedule requests must be submitted by March 8, 2024.  This includes notification of your intention to enroll in a summer course.  Please note that the deadline to request enrollment  in an Academy course is March 6, 2024.  Requests to change schedules after March 8, 2024 cannot be honored unless there is a course scheduling error.  

Business and Info Tech

Chantilly Academy

Computer Science


General Electives (AVID, Capstone, EPF)


Marketing Education

Performing Arts- Music

9th gr10th-12th gr
Band/Advanced Band HNBand/Advanced Band HN
Chantilly ShowstoppersChantilly Showstoppers
 Percussion Ensemble
 Jazz Ensemble
Guitar 1Guitar 1/2
Piano Lab 1Piano Lab 1/2


Performing Arts/Theatre

Theatre Arts 1-4 & Theatre Arts 3 DE
Intro to Musical Theatre
Tech Theatre 1-4
Theatre Design and Production 1-3




Social Studies

9th gr10th-12th gr
WH 1/CivAP World Civ
Sports PsychologyWH 2/WH 2 H(World History 2)
Combating IntoleranceWH 2 DE(World History Dual Enrollment)
Women's HistoryAP US History
African American HistoryUSVA  History DE
PsychologyAP Gov
 AP Comp Gov 
 AP Euro
 AP Human Geography
 AP Economics 
 AP Psychology
 Combating Intolerance
 Law in Action
 Political Science with Internship
 Women's History 
 Sports Psychology


Tech and Engineering Ed

Visual Arts

World Languages