Science Fair Achievements

Awards & Recognition
February 07, 2022

Chantilly had another successful science fair this week. While initially the science fair was going to be in-person, it was during winter break and an Omicron increase that had us pivoting to a virtual fair. There was participation of over 260 projects including 492 students and 62 judges. Student prepared Flipgrid presentations and judges watched them prior to the main event on February 2, 2022. Then with four zoom meetings, each with 8 breakout rooms aligned to corresponding categories students met with judges for 10 minutes of live ‘question and answer’ sessions. Judges then deliberated and the following projects were selected as winners.

Student Names Project Title Prize
Siddanth Vinay The Effect of Motor Oil on C. elegans 1st Place
Ram Dosibhatla The Effect of Unique Habitats of Insects on the Frequency of Neuron Signaling. 1st Place
Noyanika Vattathara The Effect of Curcumin Concentration on Zinc Ion Chelation 1st Place
Sofia Creeks, Brian Ng, Catherine Tran The Effect of Household Chemicals on Insect Extermination 1st Place
Sana Khilwatgar, Jourdan Rhines The Effect of UV Index and SPF Levels on UV Bead Saturation 1st Place
Thomas Chia Utilizing Semi-supervised Learning with Multi-staged Joint Input Neural Networks for Ophthalmic Image Analysis 1st Place
Jeff Hwang The Effect of Painkiller Type on Time to Dissolve 1st Place
Tysen Lao The Effect of Cooking Method of Food on Vitamin C Content 1st Place
Breanna Oh The Effect of the Amount of Sodium Citrate on the Process of Spherification 1st Place
Grace Drost, Colin Nguyen, Nishmaya Gundapuneedi The Effect of Rising Levels in Acidity of Seawater on the Calcium Carbonate of Eggs 1st place
Gabriela Gutierrez, Jessica Davis The Effect of the Type of Solvent on the Amount of Styrofoam that is Dissolved 1st Place
Kailash Iyer, Mualikrishan Srikanth The effect of the effective ness of the cooling ability of a combination of Aloe gel and banana leaves in comparison to the cooling ability of styrofoam 1st Place
Patricia Aguila The Effect of types of Pain Medication on it's dissolution. 1st Place
Vedha Bana, Rachel Neathery, Venkata Iruku The Effect of 4 Different Bug Spays on Catgrass (dactylis glomerata) Growth 1st Place
Katya Presnar The Effect of Sponge Renewability on Water Capacity 1st Place
Maya Dulnev The Effect of Caffeine Concentration on the Heart Rate of Daphnia magna 1st Place
Nitya Varigala The Effect of Nitrogen on Daphnia Magna 1st Place
Joshua McGuire The Effect of Different Solar Cells on Solar Panel Energy Output 1st Place
Jayanth Viswanathan, Takeshi Garcia The Effect of Wind Turbine Blade Size on the Energy Output 1st Place
Kousalya Potti, Sara Gupta The Effect of Colored Lenses on the Emission of Blue Light 1st Place
Sriram Nallani The Effect of OpenMP (C/C++) Parallelism on Execution Time 1st Place
Lauren Sousa The Effect of Acids on the Amount of Heat Released By Steel Wool 1st Place
Frank Chang, Saugat Parajuli, Mason Phan The Effect of Battery Temperature on Output Voltage 1st Place
Sky Lan, Amber Chee, Chloe Lee The Effect of Different Solvents on the Shade of the Ink Color of Permanent Marker 1st Place
Neha Baskar The Effect of Air Pollution on Plant Development 1st Place
Aditya Rangi The Effect of Different Agricultural Techniques on Sustainability of Farms 1st Place
Unis Turay, Cyrille Tchokokam The effect of biodegradable environments on the mass of fruits 1st Place
Siddhi Surawkar The effect of a medium's material on sound wave transference 1st Place
John Chernisky, Suhjin Yun The effect of skyscraper shape on wind resistance. 1st Place
Peter Nguyen The Effect of Electric Guitar Body Material on Timbral Brightness 1st Place
Abigail Nave, Bridget Dombro, Megan Lisenby The Effect of Light Wavelengths on the Temperature of Light 1st Place
Siddhant Nair The Effect of Temperature on a Magnetic Field's Strength 1st Place
Banulakshmi Kalimuthu The Effect of Various Floating Plants on the Purification of Water. 1st Place
Keerthi Paladugu, Samanvi Vemula, Ridhima Gandhi The Effect of Varying Sunlight Amounts on Venus Flytrap Speeds 2nd Place
Tuong Tran The Effect of Synthetic Plastics on Characteristics of Animal Stomach Fluids 2nd Place
Noel Lackey The Effect of Acid Rain on Plant Growth 2nd Place
Riva Murali, Michelle Paras The Effect of Food Stamps on the Quality of Nutrition Available 2nd Place
Jojo Ellis, Havishka Wansapura, Bonny Koo The Effect of Disinfectant Wipe on Elimination of Surface Level Germs 2nd Place
Eva Jaber, Remi Ladia The Effect of the Type and Amount of Runoff on the Amount of Algae in a Pond Water Sample 2nd Place
Shiema Dafaalla, Mandy Ibarra The Effect of Different Methods of Dying Hair on Efficiency 2nd Place
Mallina Shah, Anusha Kuruganty The Effect of pH on Plant Growth 2nd Place
Bella Witter, Michael Prem The effect of various liquids on invisible ink 2nd place
Aaryan Sumesh The Effect of Temperature on the Solubility of 1,1-diethoxyethane in Acetone 2nd Place
Peyton Bibbee, Madeline Latham The Effect of Saltwater on Gummy Bear Expansion 2nd Place
Joshita Nandakumar, Vinitha Shanmugam, Iniya Ravikumar The Effect of Different Electrode Pairs on Electrode Potential 2nd Place
Vedika Srivastava, Rhea Sharma The Effect of Salinity on the pH of Water Sources 2nd Place
Brianna Hendricks Water Quality Testing 2nd Place
Alexander Dorsey, Shriya Endlaw, Akhil Rachakonda The Effect of Humidity and Temperature on the Carbon Dioxide Absorption of Plants 2nd Place
Josiah Huang, Ria Jakhete, Zack Smith The Effect of Different Growing Mediums on Nutrient Distribution and Growth Consistency 2nd Place
Lydia Lim, Annie Han, Christine Choi The Effect of Different types of Water on the Growth of Orbeez 2nd Place
Adina Sabir The Effect of the Amount of Radish Plants on the Amount of Soil Erosion 2nd Place
Jada Diffin, Christian Hundley The Effect of Evaporation with Heat and Light on Saltwater 2nd Place
Julian Cerniello The Effect of Coolant Flow on the Voltage of a Thermoelectric Generator 2nd Place
Anthony Dinh, Jonathan Lei The Effect of Different Type of Batteries on Energy Conservation 2nd Place
Tanvi Danda, Natasha Guharoy The effect of different rocket nose shapes on the maximum height the rocket can fly. 2nd Place
Nidhi Padakanti, Nicole Rapano The Effect of a Solar Paneled LED Light’s Angle On the Strength of the Light Produced. 2nd Place
Nidhi Padakanti, Nicole Rapano The Effect of a Solar Paneled LED Light’s Angle On the Strength of the Light Produced. 2nd Place
Clark James, Luke Dysart The Effect of the Purification of Water on the Production of Energy 2nd Place
Pranav Konduru, Monish Kumar The effect of a model rocket's fin size on stability 2nd Place
Mikael Kefale The Effect of Bridge Type on the Weight Limit 2nd Place
Spencer Read, William Read, Tyler Zarybnisky The Effect of Force Concentration on the Penetration of a Dilatant Fluid 2nd Place
Ashley Ding The Effect of Heat on the Quality of Water in Plastic Water Bottles. 2nd Place
Anna Dimaiuta The Effect of Wax Type on Candle Burn Time 2nd Place
Micaela Bravo, Elise Chong The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on the Number of Cracks Formed in Asphalt 2nd Place
Connor Flynn, Albert Zheng, Ethan Dorn Effect of Different Parachutes on their Glide Time 2nd Place
Samuel Wolff The effect of type of shoe on the highest angle before it slides down plywood. 2nd Place
Gyan Kamil, Leona Kim The Effect of Different Surfaces on a Basketball's Energy in the Form of Heat 2nd Place
Diya Kohli, Frida Sagastume The Effect of Parachute Canopy Size and Package Weight on its Descent Rate 2nd Place
Isaac Jung, Richard Xiong, Kylor Chou The Effect of Differently Sized Fins on a Gimbaling Rocket 2nd Place
Anika Umaselvan The Effect of Earthworm Castings on Plant Growth 2nd Place
Rosabel Liu, Vivian Liu The Effect of Growing Medium and Lighting on Lettuce Height, Health, and Growing Ease 2nd Place
Sophia Byrd, Grace Hong Sunscreen's Effect on Aquatic Plant Growth 2nd Place
JohnStephen Powers, Daniel Purvis Effect of Calories on Energy Production 3rd Place
Molly Hogan, Addie Harmon, Christopher Rodriguez The Effect of the Type of Flour on Muffin Density 3rd Place
Carly Lahr, Mackenzie Murray The Effect of the Amount of Yeast at Different Temperatures on the Rise of Bread 3rd Place
Alison Noh, Sarah Qazi The Effect of Wood Species on Capillary Action 3rd Place
Jade Guardino, Jada McGlothin, Kayla DeShields The Effect of a Tooth Whitening Agent on the Whiteness of an Eggshell as a Substitute for Teeth 3rd Place
May Ainsworth The Effect of Heat and Dry Shampoo on the Strength of Hair 3rd Place
Joseph Tsuji, Luke Barlow, Mustafa Khaeel The Effect of Antibiotic Alternatives on the Zone of Inhibition 3rd Place
Ella Pae, Kaitlyn Tarry The Effect of Acidic Liquids on the Cleanliness of Pennies 3rd Place
Bianca Lobo, Jamie Kimbrell, Natalie Nauss The Effect of Tylenol Variants on Dissolve Time. 3rd Place
Mark Tazoe, Rajat Malhotra, Hassan Rao The Effect of Over-the-counter Drug Type on Disintegration Time 3rd Place
Tyler Swindell, Gavin Jones The Effect of Temperature on Electrolyte Conductivity in Different Sports Drinks 3rd Place
Arnav Hosur, Sahith Penmetsa, Praneeth Kemisetti The Effect of an additive(Alpha, Beta, Gamma) Amylase on the fermentation time of sourdough bread. 3rd Place
Mikayla Lao The Effect of Rice Cooking Method on the Volume, Mass, and Density of Cooked Rice 3rd Place
Lillianne Fish, Janmeet Gujral The Effect of Laundry Detergent on the Removal of Grease Stains 3rd Place
Enya Tiea, Hannah Moghaddar The Effect of Hair Color and Leave-In Conditioner Brand on the Hair's Static Electricity Strength. 3rd Place
Talia Natour, Esther Yang, Aaya Abugabal The Effect of Public Transportation Accessibility per Capita on the Carbon Emission Levels per City 3rd Place
Kheya Siripurapu The Effect of Iron Filings on Total Phosphorus Removal in Stormwater Runoff 3rd Place
Adarsh Perakalapudi The Effect of an Animal's Digestive Acid on Tensility of Plastic 3rd Place
Ambreen Gandhi, Anwita Suryadewara The Effect of the Amount of Fat Content in Certain Foods on its Energy Content. 3rd Place
Anushree Chakrabarti The Effect of Irradiation on Plant Health and Reproduction 3rd Place
Azhar Abdulla, Nathan Best, Breyden Choo The effect of Air Pollution on Plants 3rd Place
Keller Hines, Brian Creeks The Effect of Acidity of Water on the Erosion of Soil 3rd Place
Josh Kwen, Petrus Nguyen, Matthew Mangosing The Effects of Temperature on Battery Capacity 3rd Place
Caitlin Seiler The Effect of Different Barriers on Erosion 3rd Place
Jonathan Thomason, Jonathan Atughonu, Ethan_Liu Liu The Effect of fin design on maximum altitude reached by a rocket 3rd Place
Sai Bhagavathula The Effect of Bridge Structure on the Strength of a Bridge 3rd Place
Ellie Fiening The Effect of Dying Liquids on the Color of Fabrics 3rd Place
Sai Prabhu The effect of 3d printing materials on 3d printed part strength 3rd Place
Navya Kota, Duaa Ahmed, Maina Yedla The Effect of Different Types of Materials on Moisture Retention of Masks 3rd Place
Ahmed Elobaid, Amare Elshoush The Effect of Paper Airplane Design on Paper Airplane Flight Distance 3rd Place
Kaydence Greene The Effects of Different Types of Guitar Strings on Pitch 3rd Place
Lidya Beniyam The Effect of a Car’s Design on its Aerodynamic Drag 3rd Place
Vivian Buchina The Effect of Sound on the Shift in Sand Granules on Metal Plates. 3rd Place
Isabela Voina The Effect of Surface Texture on the Shape and Size of a Blood Droplet 3rd Place
Gautam Tewari, Rahul Sheoran, Hafil Niaz The Effect of Design on the Flight path and Distance traveled of a Paper Airplane. 3rd Place
HengHao Chong The Effect of the Number of Coils on an Electromagnet to the Lifting Force 3rd Place
Eesha Kulkarni, Sammy Smith The Effect of Barrier Material on the passing of Ultraviolet Radiation 3rd Place
Brady Markin, Andy Zhang The Difference Between Theoretical and Experimental Probability in Blackjack 3rd Place
Wilson Xin What Types of Soils Best Supplement a Plant’s Growth? 3rd Place
Ryan Chang, Nathan Kim The Effect of Light Wavelength on Marigold Growth 3rd Place
Alexander Sia The Effect of Different Materials on WiFi Signal Strength 3rd Place