Chantilly Pyramid Art Show

On April 5, the Chantilly community came together to celebrate the arts at the annual Chantilly Pyramid Art Show. This exciting event showcased the creative talents of students from Brookfield Elementary, Greenbriar East Elementary, Greenbriar West Elementary, Lees Corner Elementary, Poplar Tree Elementary, Franklin Middle, Rocky Run Middle and Chantilly High School. 

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as parents and students enjoyed the food from 4 delicious food trucks and had the chance to reconnect with their former art teachers. “I absolutely love hosting the art pyramid show. All the art teachers from the whole pyramid work hard each year to make it a successful event however, none of this would be possible without the incredible talent and dedication of our students. They are the heart and soul of our art program, and we are so grateful for each of them!” shared Christine Choi, one of the art teachers.

This year’s art pyramid show was particularly special and inspiring. Two former Chantilly students returned to volunteer, highlighting the strong sense of community and gratitude felt by all. 

Giselle Moreno-Rosas, a Digital Art student, expressed her enthusiasm, “As great as it was last year, this year we had to double the size of the rooms. Now there’s more room for parents and children to make paper bag hats. I had the same job as last year, talking and explaining to kids and parents, it was super fun! Hannah, who is our NAHS president, did such a wonderful job, checking up on everyone, being very active, all while having an AP portfolio to stand by and present. I hope next year is just as active. I’m happy I got to be a part of it again.” 

This event catered to all ages, offering various engaging activities for younger students, such as face painting, henna tattoos and creating paper bag hats. The National Art Honor Society contributed stunning face hole cutouts, along with beautifully painted records and record clocks. 

Photo Club added to the festive ambiance by creating Charger Balloons and setting up a photobooth for the community to capture memorable moments. 

All four art teachers at Chantilly High School selected at least one artwork for each of their students to display in the show. The exhibit featured Photography, 3D Studio Art, Studio Art, Digital Arts and Animation, showcasing the diverse talents within the school’s visual arts program.