Parent Liaisons

Who Are Parent Liaisons?

Parent liaisons are special staff members who work in your child's school. They help you get the information and assistance you need to support your child at home and to ensure your child's academic success.

Why Do Schools Have Parent Liaisons?

Parent liaisons serve as a communication link between home and school. They welcome and orient families to the schools and familiarize the families with the school's cultures, policies, procedures, and practices.

What Can Parent Liaisons Do?

Because parent liaisons know a great deal about your child's school and community, they are a valuable resource for you. They can connect you with the appropriate people within the school or community who can help you meet you child's needs.

The parent liaisons establish and build successful working relationships with the families of all children in the school. They appreciate the school's cultural diversity and work to foster unity, cohesiveness, and cooperation among all families.

All parent liaisons are proficient in the English language; many speak one or more additional languages.

How Do Parent Liaisons Help Parents?

Parent liaisons provide services such as the following to assist you and your child:

  • Encourage open communication between you and school personnel.
  • Explain the purpose and process of conferences and school meetings.
  • Attend conferences and school meeting with you to clarify procedures and processes.
  • When needed, make arrangements to have language interpreters at school meetings.
  • Explain school, policies, practices, and programs.
  • Provide information about school goals, resources, and activities.

How to Contact a Parent Liaison

Parent Liaison's Office

Ana Bauserman | | Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00am - 4:00pm | Phone: 703.222.6304 | Speaks English and Spanish

YoungHee Kang | | Monday and Thursday 9am - 4pm | Phone: 703.222.6303 | Speaks English and Korean  

Margarita Rodriguez | | Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8am - 3pm | Phone: 703.222.6304 | Speaks English and Spanish

Yvonne Wynn | @email | Wednesday, 10:00am - 12:00pm | Phone: 703.222.6305 | Speaks English and Vietnamese