Permit & Permit Testing

Steps to obtain your permit:

  • Study using Virginia Driver's Manual prior to taking the test.
  • Go to the DMV in person to take the test.  Information available here.  
  • Bring a Parent
  • Must be 15 and 6 months or older
  • Pass 3 tests
    • Sign tests (must get all correct)  
    • General Knowledge test (must earn 80% or get 24 out of 30 correct)  
    • Vision Test
  • Once earned, permit must be held for 9 full months before receiving a license.

Permit Testing at Chantilly High School

      • Must be 15 years and 6 months
      • Register at least 2 days prior to the testing date
      • First 2 attempts of the Permit Test may be taken at Chantilly High School
      • Arrive on time with computer and receipt of registration on the testing date
      • Dates for the Learner’s Permit Test at Chantilly High School this year are:
        • Due to the COVID-19 protocols, Learner’s Permit Testing at Chantilly has been suspended until further notice.  Students can check the Student Google Site – under Driver’s Education, for announcement of dates and times when, and if, these protocols change. Parents should look for an email or community announcement from Chantilly High School.


  • Have you failed the permit test 3 times and need to take it a 4th?
    • The VDOE, in partnership with VADETS, is pleased to announce the new Online Driver’s Manual Course. 
    • This learner’s permit test prep course is for students who are:

      • Preparing to take the learner’s permit test

      • Under age 18 and have failed the learners permit test 3 times

        • But have successfully completed a Classroom Driver Education course

      • 18-years-old or older and have failed the Learner's Permit test 3 times

        •      Not successfully completed a Classroom Driver Education course,
        •      Want to take the Learner’s Permit a fourth time.
    • More information about the information above can be found on DMV's website

    • This curriculum enhanced student learning for all students - ELL and special education students successfully passed the learner’s permit test!

      What is the process for students who complete the Online Driver’s Manual Course?

      • Upon successful completion of the Online Driver's Manual Course, the teacher will mail a DMC-3 certificate of completion to the student.

    • Students under 18 will present the DMC-3 certificate, along with the DEC-1 or DEC-8 driver education classroom completion certificate, to the DMV so that they can re-take the learner’s permit test a 4th time.
    • Students over 18-years-of-age will take the DMC-3 certificate of completion for the Online Driver's Manual Course to DMV to take the learner’s permit a 4th time.  The cost for the course is $49.