Regional Scholastic Art Awards for Chantilly Art Students!

By Margaret Sisler
Awards & Recognition
February 08, 2018

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are a national competition.  You can read more about this on their website here

"Each year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 visual arts and literary arts organizations across the country to bring the Scholastic Awards to local communities. Teens in grades 7–12 apply in 29 categories of art and writing. In 2017, students submitted more than 330,000 works of art and writing to the Scholastic Awards.

Submissions are juried by luminaries in the visual and literary arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

Students receiving Gold Keys, Silver Keys, Honorable Mentions, or American Visions & Voices Nominations are celebrated within their communities through local exhibitions and ceremonies. Gold Key works are then judged nationally by an impressive panel of creative–industry experts to receive National Medals, including Gold, Silver, American Visions & Voices, Portfolio Silver with Distinction or Portfolio Gold Medals and Special Awards. National Medalist are recognized in part at the National Ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Regional Awards Gold Key The very best works submitted to local programs. Gold Key works are automatically considered for national–level recognition

Silver Key Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.

Honorable Mention Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.

American Visions & Voices Nominees Five works, from across all categories and grades, are selected from those earning Gold Keys as the “Best-of-Show” for each local program as nominees for the American Visions & Voices Medals."

Students' work will be displayed in an exhibition at a Northern Virginia Community College from February 19-March 15.

Student Name




Rachel Joeng



Gold Key

American Visions & Voices

Nicole LeJune


The Safety of Fabric

Gold Key

American Visions & Voices

Nuran Cicek Photography Behind the Sunflower Gold Key
Isabelle D'Souza Art Porfolio Insecurities Gold Key
Amelia Curry Photography 34th Street Gold Key
Andrea Gonzalez Photography Obsessed Gold Key
Andrea Gonzalez Photography Change Gold Key
Emma Gustafson Art Portfolio If Hands Had Emotions Gold Key
Yoojin Kang Art Portfolio City Dreams Gold Key
Danielle Kranzberg Photography Western Wall Gold Key
Harrison Roderick Photography A Teacher's Life Gold Key
Ein Sim Drawing Cut It Out Gold Key
YaeYoung Song Drawing Retro Cactus Part 2 Gold Key
Zoe Tury Photography Picked Apart Gold Key
Zoe Tury Photography Two Lies and A Truth Gold Key
Lyndana Van Photogoraphy Aperio Gold Key
Lauren Wilson Sculpture Howling Wolf Gold Key
Marium Farukh Photography My Amma Silver Key
Mason Heberle Photography Pretty Yet Silver Key
Lizzie Kye Painting A Hot New York Day Silver Key
Tiona Robinson Photography Two Halves That Make Silver Key
Emma Tilley Photography Doll Faced Silver Key
Zoe Tury Photography Fleeing the Nest Silver Key
Jasmin Yoon Painting Solitude Silver Key
Jasmin Yoon Painting Push and Pull Silver Key
Janice Choe Painting Empty Honorable Mention
Nuran Cicek Art Portfolio My Palette Honorable Mention
Ameliah Curry Photography Error Message Honorable Mention
Isabelle D'Souza Photography Kristy Honorable Mention
Ashlyn Dearing Photography Photography Man Vs. Nature Honorable Mention
Sean Gray Photography Revealed Honorable Mention
Noelle Hagy Drawing  Double Exposure 1: Honorable Mention
Noelle Hagy Drawing  Still Life: Dominoes Honorable Mention
Melanie Hillelsohn Art Portfolio Dreams Die Honorable Mention
Rachel Jeong Drawing  The Anatomy Honorable Mention
Yoojin Kang Drawing  Reflection Honorable Mention
Yoojin Kang Drawing  Illusion Honorable Mention
Maya Kirkpatrick Art Portfolio Self Portrait Project Honorable Mention
Danielle Kranzberg Photography #metoo Honorable Mention
Angela Lee Painting Glossier Honorable Mention
Jessica Lee Art Portfolio Reliving Happiness Honorable Mention
Priscilla Luu Drawing  Archaic Honorable Mention
Shannon McCullough Photography On The Line Honorable Mention
Shannon McCullough Art Portfolio Who Am I? Honorable Mention
Amara Novotny Drawing  Leopard Double Exposure Honorable Mention
Mastan Rashid Photography All Eyes On Me Honorable Mention
Dania Rivera Photography Turtle Honorable Mention
Tiona Robinson Photography Scrambled Honorable Mention