French Students Visit Mt. Vernon

November 01, 2022

French 4 students of Mme JoEllen Delamatta went on a long awaited visit to Mount Vernon to discover some of the French connections between President George Washington and Le Marquis de Lafayette.  Reading a story about Lafayette and the American Revolution led these 11th grades to have some real discoveries about the bridges between the  two countries.

Here are the words of some of the students:

"George Washington was such a skilled leader because he understood that his perspective was not always viewed as correct and he made sure to accept others' point of view. " Another student related that "Washington's estate was magnificent and I learned that the key to the Bastille prison in France was gifted to Washington by Lafayette."  Finally, a third student related that Mount Vernon is one of the first memorials dedicated to the slaves in the 18-19th centuries," and we got to see and hear a portion of the dedication yesterday during the visit".