Positivity Project

The Positivity Project (P2) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students.  Here at Chantilly High School, our vision is to create citizens and leaders that build strong relationships and understand, appreciate, and exemplify character strengths in us all.  The movement is based in the tenets of Positive Psychology.

P2 has been successful at elementary and middle schools around the nation and we were excited and honored to serve as a selected pilot for the high school implementation of the movement. We will be continuing our journey by infusing the P2 message through character education videos and vignettes during Learning Seminar periods throughout the school year.  Additionally, among other events and means of communicating the lessons we learn and practice, we will seek to promote this movement through online media and visuals around the school. 

September 8-14 Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2) - Intro Week
September 15-21 Curiosity
September 22-28 Teamwork 
September 29-October 5 Open-mindedness
October 6-12 OPM2 - Being present and giving others my attention
October 13-19 Integrity
October 20-26 Perspective
October 27-November 2 Creativity
November 3-9 Bravery
November 10-16 OPM2 - Knowing my words & actions affect others
November 17-23 Gratitude
November 24-30 Gratitude
December 1-7 Kindness
December 8-14


December 15-21 Self-Control
January 5-11 Optimism
January 12-18 Prudence
January 19-25 Perseverance
January 26-February 1 OPM2 - Supporting others when they struggle
February 2-8 Forgiveness     
February 9-15 Love
February 16-22 Wild Card/Make-Up
February 23-29 Enthusiasm
March 1-7 Other People Matter Mindset
March 8-14 Social Intelligence
March 15-21 Love of Learning
March 22-28 Fairness
March 29-April 4 Humor
April 5-11 Wild Card/Make-Up
April 12-18 OPM2 - Identifying & appreciating the good in others
April 19-25 Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
April 26-May 2 Purpose
May 3-9 Leadership
May 10-16 Other People Matter Mindset (OPM2)