Aleena Alvi

My portfolio focuses on how life experiences shape an individual; more specifically to myself.  I decided to investigate what role anxiety/social anxiety plays throughout my life and how it has affected me (and possibly others as well). This collection of works uses a symbolic approach to depict a subject struggling with anxiety through the symbolism of chains and wine.

I used wine as a symbol for opportunity and  growth, but also for the lack of control anxiety can make one feel. Throughout my works, I experimented with levels of transparency by using a wide range of materials such as watercolor, acrylic, alcohol marker, and digital programs. Using these materials allowed me to convey a variety of emotions, such as panic signified by opaque and jarring marks of marker or a more serene feeling supplied by translucent watercolor. Creating this portfolio has helped to prepare me for more high-level work I may be doing in college next year, when I will be attending The University of Virginia.