Henrry Escalante

My portfolio mainly focuses on "Latin American Culture," most of my pieces are represented with a diversity of colors using different materials and techniques. Since elementary school,  I have been working and creating many pieces mainly focused on my culture. I started drawing with pencils only, but then I felt color was missing, so I changed the gray to vibrant colors in my drawings.

Most of my pieces have an intense color that represents the beauty that you find in Latin America. In my works, I have the image of Folklore, a typical dance that most Latin American countries have in their culture. The image of people, but not that of typical people, if but the image of people who have worked hard to maintain their roots and culture through hard work. Through the years, I have learned that my artwork has helped me keep to work harder because what I paint or draw is from my reflection of my culture.  In the future, I want to continue doing what I am working on and art will always be with me.