Stephanie Fang

What is the map of the soul? In several pieces, I explored multiple interpretations of the soul—mainly focusing on Carl Jung's—to explain human nature. The soul is divided into multiple parts—the archetypal self, shadow, ego, primordial fire, persona, external world, and complex.

I depicted these concepts through a series of drawings, relying on both literal and hidden references to showcase them. Although my topic highlights the behavior of humans, I utilized subjects such as scenery to expand the area of what I could draw. Each piece uses mostly graphite pencil and colored pencils, but others do consist of acrylic paint and digital art. When illustrating parts of the soul that people want to remain hidden, I used dark colors to depict this shadow that hides within us. For pieces that are meant to showcase a presentable side of us, I used a more vibrant palette. 

Art has always been my safe haven. Navigating through high school was daunting; being put in a situation where I would meet people whom I never met before, many who had transferred from the same middle school, made me feel isolated. Yet joining art in school has helped me to make new friends and find common ground with them. The past four years for me passed by relatively quickly, especially since I was unable to enjoy the second part of my junior year and senior year. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons I learned from Chantilly, and hope that the knowledge I gained will be useful for me as I enter university.