Raajita Battina

My art style is largely semi-realistic but it also changes depending on what I am trying to portray and convey to the viewers. My art is often influenced by my own imagination, other artist’s works, and sometimes from activities in our daily lives. The idea of expressing what I can’t verbally or literally is what propels me to make art and the fact that what I make can be relatable to others who view my work and hopefully put a smile on their faces. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and one of my first works was drawing a portrait of my mother. Concepts such as War, Love, and Humans themselves are something I may probably never understand because of their complex nature, through this project, I would like to venture into that dangerous world to hopefully get a glimpse into it. For this portfolio the concept I wanted to explore: What goes on beyond the surface of what an eye can see? How do we know? Why can’t we understand it? Everything the eye can see is not always true. Everything in this world has two sides to them and we can see one at a time and often overlook the other side. So, in my pieces, I explore the second side of a one-sided story of different characters and how the little details matter. I also explore the limits of prejudiced objects, behaviors, and accessories. I’m an Indian and born in a culture with a lot of rules and restrictions to my daily actions but I nevertheless love my culture. Our culture is widely known by outsiders to consist of heavy jewelry and bold makeup. So, in one of my pieces, I paint over my picture to emphasize and exaggerate the beauty of my culture and illustrate that it is the other side of me that I often can’t show to others. 

Sometimes, all it takes is to pay a little attention to something or someone to discover the reason behind their actions or existence but sometimes they are so well masked that we don’t even notice and I think that is very unnerving. Every human has their own beliefs and in some cases, we often put the blame of the burden of our actions on some unseen beings. I try to portray the different unseen elements and thoughts that influence a person’s actions. Scars aren’t always physical and feelings aren’t always mutual. Life is complex and those living it are more complicated. Through my pieces, I hope to show my perspective of what is beneath the surface and beyond the sky and break through the prejudices. 

About myself: I love reading fantasy novels and play video games. I am going to be attending George Mason’s Honor College next year.