Kamdyn Corbin

Hello everyone!

My name is Kamdyn Corbin, I am a senior enrolled in Photography 4 and AP 2D Studio art. Next year I will be attending Coastal Carolina with a major in exercise science and a minor in photography. 

This portfolio captures the loss that myself and the abandoned building have suffered. These buildings may not be able to speak or explain in words the loss that they have suffered but sometimes we are unable to put our loss into words. It is clear when you look at these buildings the loss that they have endured. Myself and these buildings share many of the same losses, which is what I have portrayed in this portfolio. My hope is that you imagine the suffering that these buildings have endured and connect it to not only what I am representing in each piece but to yourself. I deliberately made the decision to make these images look similar with the desaturation to show the ache that is felt after these losses.