Janice Guo

Who am I? How can I present myself as a unique, yet relatable individual? In several pieces, I explored my identity and how I could capture certain scenes to represent myself. I have always found the little, day-to-day interactions and conversations extremely fascinating; there’s something romantic about the seemingly ordinary lives that normal people lead.

Each piece captures a small scene of my life and an ordinary, common experience that others can relate to. Most of the pieces are acrylics, with the last watercolor piece being a more conceptual, symbolic representation of my identity as an American.  Although each piece is rather plain, it provides a small window into different parts of my life, and when strung together into a portfolio, I believe each of these mundane scenes come together to tell the story of a unique individual. Creating this portfolio has not only helped me express my life to others, but it has also allowed me to reflect on which actions and which memories are an integral part to my identity.

I will be attending the University of Virginia Class of 2025 as a computer science major.