World Languages & Arts Expectations

Expectations for World Language and Other AP ARTS Courses


The following chart is meant to give you an idea of how much time is needed to prepare for each class period of the AP or Honors level Courses.  These entries are meant to be an approximation of time and assignments. Different teachers for the same course may have slightly different expectations but the time commitment should be about the same.  Some students will need less time and some will need more to do the assignments depending on their skills levels.



Area of Study



Tests/Essays/Papers Per Quarter


  World Language











French AP Language

1-7 pages

2-3 hours per week

2-3 essays per quarter

1-2 presentations per quarter

Class attendance is critical

Spanish AP Language

1-7 pages

1.5 hours per week

Discussion Board

Selected Readings

2-3 essays per quarter

Class attendance is critical

German AP Language

1-7 pgs

1 hr per class period

2-3 essays per quarter

1-2 tests/projects per quarter

Class attendance is critical

Latin AP

1-7 pgs

90 min per class period

1-2 tests per quarter

Class attendance is critical

AP Studio Art Portfolio

Drawing or

2D Design or

3D Design


Weekly sketchbook


2-3 hours weekly

6 projects per quarterly

Participation in critique

Utilizing Blackboard

Digital portfolio entry

Scholastic Art Awards

24 college level works

Music Theory (Audition or Permission of Instructor)

1-7 pages

Extensive Listening

1 hour nightly

2-3 tests per quarter

3-4 composition projects

Weekly aural testing

Midterm Exam

Midterm composition projects

Final Compositions