Social Studies Expectations

Expectations for Social Studies Courses

The following chart is meant to give you an idea of how much time is needed to prepare for each class period for each social studies course offered at Chantilly High School.  These entries are meant to be an approximation of time and assignments.  Some students will need less time and some will need more to do the assignments depending on their skill levels, reading comprehension etc. and the challenges they face with the content.  For social studies electives courses, we find that it is the student’s interest in the subject that most supports their engagement in learning. 

All social studies classes are reading based with significant writing components.  Please note: homework/reading is not assigned every class night, the following chart is meant to be an approximation of time and assignments.  The following times are according to block classes.  AP reading is college level vocab and each page is dense with reading vs  Standard Honors text pages have ½ of the reading per page than AP.


Core Social Studies Course



Course Title

Reading requirements 

  Reading time



World History I

Online textbook

6-12 pages per week

30 - 45mins

2-4 tests per quarter

2-4 quizzes quarter

1 small writing assignment per unit



World Honors I or World Civilizations Honors

Online textbook

6-15 pages weekly

Primary source readings

1-1.5 hrs

Bi weekly chapter quizzes

Bi weekly homework and writing assignments

Hand drawn maps and essay writing

2-3 tests per quarter




World History II

6-15 pages weekly

Online textbook

30-45 mins

3-5 tests and quizzes per quarter

At least 1 writing assignments per unit


World History II Honors

Online textbook

22 pages weekly

1-1.5 hrs

4-6 Test/Quizzes per quarter

1 large writing assignment per quarter

Reading analysis and informal writings (several per unit)

Full page essays



AP World History

2 chapters weekly- 23-5 pages per block possible/ though not every week.

College level text

1--2 hrs

Bi weekly comprehensive multiple choice chapter quizzes

Bi weekly Essay charts or Theme analysis assignments/rubric based multiple page essays

1-2 tests per quarter




US/VA History

12-15 pages per week

Online texbook

30-45 mins

1 essay per quarter, plus several smaller writing assignments

2-4 tests per quarter

1 projects per quarter



US/VA History Honors

20 pages per week

Online textbook

1.5 hours

4 tests per quarter

1 writing assessment per quarter

4 Primary source analysis assignments per quarter

Common assessments

10 warmup journals/ homework quizzes  per quarter


AP US History

College text 50 pgs/wk

1-2 hrs

4 essays per quarter

3 tests per quarter





US/VA Government

2 chapters every 3 weeks

Online textbook


30 -45 mins

2 tests per quarters

3-4 quizzes per quarter

1 project per quarter

Service learning project

Current events



US/VA Government Honors

22 pages per week

Online textbook

1.5 hours

3 tests per quarter

1 project per quarter

1 essay per quarter

Research Paper


AP US Government

30 pages weekly

AP college text.


3 tests per quarter

4 essays per quarter

Optional projects

Common assessments making up 1/3 of final exam


AP US/Comparative Government

2 chapters per week


1-2 hours

4 tests per quarter

8 in-class essays per quarter

1 research paper per quarter


Political Science

Personal text/readings

Individual assignments each unit

20-30 mins

1-2 tests per quarter 1st semester

End of course project

Weekly hour/journal 2nd semester

Internship 2nd semester




22 pages every 2 weeks

30-45 mins


2-4 tests per quarter

several writing assignments per quarter

2-3 research projects and oral presentations per quarter



World Religions

Various primary and secondary readings

Selections from sacred texts

30 mins

2 Research assignments per quarter

2 tests per quarter

2-4 Seminars per quarter

2-3 essays per quarter

Notebook due each unit



AP Elective Courses

AP European History

60 pgs/wk


1.5-2 hrs

4 tests per quarter

4  in-class essays per quarter

Daily journal


AP Human Geography

30 pgs/wk


1 hr

2-4 tests per quarter

Several Free response questions per quarter

Written analysis of current events

Country identification quizzes  during 1st Quarter.


AP Micro/Macro Economics

25 pgs per week


1.5 hrs

4 tests per quarter

3 free responses per quarter

Current events


AP Psychology

30 pgs/wk


1 hr

3-5 tests per quarter

daily quizzes

1 project per quarteSeveral cumulative exams