Underclassmen Laptop Collection

All students need to return their school-issued laptops to receive important updates. We need all computers and chargers to be returned, regardless of the condition. Before returning your computer and charger…

  • Make sure you have all personal items like USBs removed 
  • If you have stickers on your laptop they need to be removed
  • Clean your laptop!! 
  • Missing the charger? You can pre-pay for it before you return it by paying through myschoolbucks or by bringing a check for $27 made out to Chantilly High School. 
  • If there is something wrong with the computer, tell us! It helps us make sure to fix it over the summer for the next student

Students attending ESY, Credit Recovery or Online Campus this summer should keep their laptops.   There will be a summer turn-in date posted on the CHS website when these programs end.  

If you not returning to an FCPS school, you can follow these instructions to back up all files currently stored in your Google Drive or stored locally to a personal drive. You will lose access to your FCPS Google account the day after your last full day of enrollment.