Tech Support for Students

March 11, 2021

SUPPORT OPTION 1: Students who are present in the building for instruction:

  • Students may come to Room 209 anytime our door is open for support.

SUPPORT OPTION 2: Students who need support on an asynchronous day, virtual day or because they are always virtual:


Password Resets:

  • To quickly resolve password problems, teachers may reset student passwords 
  • Students can reset their own passwords if they have previously signed up for password recovery here:
  • A reset password will sync with SIS, Blackboard, and Google.
  • The FCPSOn laptop login will not sync up to a new password unless the student logs into the FCPSOn laptop with the new password on an FCPS school campus.
  • New Passwords Must: be at least 8 characters long, have upper and lowercase letters, a number and cannot contain the student’s first name, last name or student ID number. They also cannot reuse previous passwords.


Students who need an FCPSOn Laptop:

  • If you know a student that has not gotten an FCPSOn laptop they can use either support option to get one.

Students who need a new laptop charger:

  • If a laptop charger is present, but broken, we will swap it free of charge. They can use either support option to request a replacement.
  • LOST or STOLEN charger replacements must be purchased on Once purchased we get a notification and will reach out to the student to give them the new charger.


Loaner Devices

  • We do not issue loaner laptops or chargers out to students. It creates a precedent where the devices start being actively left at home.
  • We do not have the inventory to loan out equipment for all of the students that forget devices each day.
  • Having multiple devices and loaners checked out to a student that does not return them becomes a huge financial obligation.


Students with Personal Devices:


Other Technology Tips For Students

  • Computer won’t boot – Plug into power for 1 minute, hold down power button for a full 30 seconds. Press power button again.
  • Students should restart frequently and occasionally leave their computer logged in and turned on overnight so updates can occur.