ParentVue - Weekly Progress Reports & Online Report Cards

November 12, 2019

If you have registered for SIS ParentVUE and have a primary email address recorded in ParentVUE, you can receive your student’s Weekly Progress Report via email. This report provides a summary of your student’s grades for the current quarter.

To activate the Weekly Progress Reports via email, login to your SIS ParentVUE account and verify that you have a primary email address within the system. It is listed under your “My Account” tab. If it is blank, enter the email address where you would like to receive the progress reports, and click on “Update account.”

Once your email is confirmed, return to the “My Account” tab to activate and select your preferences for receiving these reports. Emails will be sent according to your selected preferences. Weekly Progress Reports for all of your high school students will be included in one email. For additional help, refer to the quick reference guide for FCPS parents/guardians. 

Please visit this page for information on how to create your ParentVue account.  Activating a ParentVue account allows for instant access to:

  • Current grades in real time
  • Attendance records
  • Immunization records
  • Course history – all courses and grades that are part of the High School

"Go Paperless" Report Card Option Now Available

Starting with 3rd quarter, high school and middle school parents will now have the option to “Go Paperless” in ParentVUE and receive only online report cards. To take advantage of the paperless options, parents/guardians will need to log into ParentVUE, then go to “My Account” and select "Go Paperless!". This process is the only way to keep a paper report card from being generated for students at the secondary level. All parents who share the same address as the student must have a SIS ParentVue account and must select the paperless option. 

At the end of the 3rd quarter, SIAs will generate PDF report cards in SIS. Any student whose parents/guardians did not select to “Go Paperless” will be generated to print. Note that the “Go Paperless” option is not yet available to elementary schools.