Month Feature - Technology Education & TSA

February 22, 2021

National CTE Month - Featuring Technology Education & TSA

During CTE Month, we celebrate the value and achievements of CTE programs across the country. This week, we feature our Technology & Engineering Education program area. Chantilly High School offers a diverse set of course selections that connect to real-world opportunities and help students explore their interests in numerous technology fields.

Technology Student Association (TSA) is an organization that equips future leaders with an interdisciplinary STEM education. TSA aims to develop leadership as well as academic and business management skills in the workplace among students. In order to participate in this club, members must have taken or be taking a Technology & Engineering Education class in the Chantilly CTE department taught by either Mrs. Chudovan or Mr. Piccione. 

Here are some of the defining features of TSA that fulfill its motto of “learning to lead in a technical world”:


Meaningful Projects: Events such as coding, architectural design, fashion design, and many more are project-based and culminate in a final technological product or portfolio.

  • Competitive and Collaborative Environment: Through the regional, states, and national competitions, TSA members are driven to succeed and motivate one another to improve. 
  • Service to the Community: Spreading technical literacy among chapter members and nearby communities, TSA members strive to uphold and better their environment.
  • Academic Reward: Aside from utilizing and applying knowledge to solve rigorous challenges, TSA members have the ability to earn scholarships and be nationally recognized for their work and achievements.
  • Developing Leadership Skills: Team project management experience gives members valued expertise in leadership, especially in competitive situations with creative freedom.

Combining Technology & Engineering Education classroom instruction and personal interests, TSA allows for broad exploration in procedures and challenges found in a variety of technical careers. Watch the video of TSA officers for more information on competitions, CTE integration, and experiences unique to TSA. 

For more information, visit the Chantilly High School CTE webpage or the TSA website