Late Buses are Back!

March 25, 2021

Hello Students! 

Late buses will begin on Wednesday 4/7 and run every Wednesday and Thursday through May.

The procedure for accessing a late bus has changed. This year you will need to let your teacher, club sponsor, or coach know that you would like to stay after and work with them. 

That staff member will then confirm availability with you and will submit a form with your name and ID number so we know to order a late bus for you. The staff member must submit this information no later than Tuesday at noon just prior to the Wednesday or Thursday they have agreed to meet with you. If you do not get this done in time we will not be able to honor your request. Be on top of this in a timely manner so we can be sure to get you set up for success!  

One more note is that late bus dismissal to head out to the buses will be at 4:35, however some buses may not arrive at CHS until 5:00 pm or a little after. Be sure to let your parent/guardian know that you may not be home until 5:30pm. Remember communication is key. 

If you have any questions please see Ms. Daniels or Ms. Gagne in SS5.