FCPSon Laptop Distribution

July 19, 2018

Student Device Guidelines:  

Please review the responsibilities and guidelines.  The student is responsible for his or her laptop and cord at all times.  (Attached Student Device Flyer)

Returning Students:

FCPSon Laptop Distribution will be held in the Chantilly HS Lecture Hall.  Please bring a photo ID (school ID, driver's license or permit, etc) with you and plan to spend about 30 minutes at school preparing your laptop.  It may take more or less time depending on the number of students arriving at that time. Students must be present to pick up their own laptop.

Returning FCPS students may pick up their laptop during any of the times listed below (this includes students who completed the 17-18 school year in another FCPS middle or high school). 

New Students to FCPS:

Accounts will be created for students new to FCPS in early August.  Student who are new to FCPS may pick up their laptops at any of the dates, starting August 6th.









July 30

1-4 pm  

July 31

1-4 pm  

Aug 1

1-4 pm 5-8 pm

Aug 2

1-4 pm  

Aug 3

1-4 pm  


Aug 6

1-4 pm

Aug 7

1-4 pm

Aug 8

1-4 pm 5-8 pm

August 9

1-4 pm

Aug 10

1-4 pm

Aug 11

9 am - 2 pm


Aug 13

1-4 pm  

Aug 14

1-4 pm  

Aug 15 

1-4 pm 5-8 pm


Aug 22

1-4 pm 

**Room 206


Personally Owned Devices:  

All students are expected to have a computer for learning this year.  If you and your student choose to use a personally owned device rather than an FCPSon laptop, it must meet the criteria noted on this permission form.  Students using their own device must return this signed permission slip when returning to school this fall.

Please complete and return page two of this form to Chantilly High School Room 209 if choosing to use a personal device and not be issued an FCPSon laptop.