School Improvement & Innovation Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Improvement & Innovation Plan At A Glance

Chantilly High School | Fairfax County Public Schools | Region 5

Student Achievement Goals: Academics

All students will be literate, able to obtain, understand, analyze, integrate, communicate and apply knowledge and skills to achieve success in school and in life. Academic progress in the core disciplines will be measured to ensure that all students, regardless of race, poverty, language or disability, will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for college and/or employment, effectively eliminating achievement gaps. 

By Spring  2017, the achievement gap for the Gen Ed and ESOL groups will decrease by at least 2%  as measured by the SOL EOC Writing exam.

  • Strategy 1: Teachers will use a variety of online resources for daily punctuation practice.
  • Strategy 2: Teachers will use writing to teach the proper application of punctuation
  • Strategy 3: Teachers will use released writing tests to prepare students for the test
  • Strategy 4: Social Studies teachers will support student writing when assessing student writing assignments and testing.

Increase the pass rate on the Geometry SOL from 90.4% (Spring 2016) to 94% (Spring 2017).

  • Strategy 1: Retention is always a challenge for students in any class, especially math classes.  The team will utilize spiral activties, warm ups or other forms of reassessment to determine/track the point at which students do master a particular unit’s objectives.  This is an integral data point of each teacher’s SMARTR goal. 
  • Strategy 2: In Geometry, students need to “struggle” or successfully reason through the ‘problem-solving’ process adapting to computational situations and re-assessing their approach when they come up with the wrong answer.  Through this process of adapting, relearning (facilitated by interacting with peers and the teacher for assistance), and understanding their errors, students should develop a firmer conceptual grasp of the concepts being taught and how to apply them in challenging situations.

Increase pass rates on the Chemistry EOC SOL by 2% from 92.3% to 94.3% for the 2016-17 year.

  • Strategy 1:  Support students with targeted instruction on a variety of problem solving skills that are necessary for success in chemistry so that students strengthen comprehension and deepen thinking about scientific concepts.  

Teachers will utilize technology during instruction to engage students in solving authentic problems or completing authentic activities weekly/monthly (increase from 45% in October 2016 to 55% in Spring 2017) as identified by student data in the BrightBytes survey.

  • Strategy 1:  School based PD includes practical technology tools for teachers to utilize in the classroom.
  • Strategy 2:  Support for teachers to become Google certified
  • Strategy 3:  Provide resources to support  teacher learning